Managed WordPress Hosting

June 23, 2020


Recently, there’s an inflation of website hosting platforms in WordPress. Whereas some of these websites are great, with user-friendly interface(s,) yet some of these platforms have not been without deficiencies, some of them offer services that are mostly unattainable, and they are not user-friendly. Being faced with despairing information as this, one is left with the next question, “How do I locate the best website hosting platform?
I’ve had the opportunity to use and sample different website hosting platforms, but one stands out for me, the name is Flywheel. The platform has proved worthy an answer to the common problems faced by website owners.

Flywheel came into existence around 2012, and the core mission has been to “ease the lives of the several worldwide web developers, and designers that create their sites using WordPress.

Easy to navigate and in good working terms, Flywheel remains the solid choice for a stress free web hosting plan. Almost all wordpress users that have come in contact with the platform, they all agree on one thing. The fact that flywheel is the most appreciated and recognized website hosting platform. This is attributed to the varieties of user-friendly services and well-acclaimed results gotten from its utility.

Hosting websites using Flywheel has lots of merits it accrue to its users relating to the several nice features that make things easy for web developers and web designers.

Why Do You Need Flywheel for Your WordPress Website Hosting?

Flywheel has amazing features as already mentioned which cannot be over-emphasized. Some of them include the following:

  • Intuitive Dashboard: Flywheel is equipped with a dashboard, different from what is seen on other website hosting platforms, their dashboard is fashioned to grant Users a stress-free hosting experience. Flywheel users are able to manage an unlimited number of sites (at once,) collaborate with coworkers and clients. They can also easily focus on growing their business without the stress of managing each site independently. This feature is amazing because of the ease it brings to the users.
  • Available Human Resources: Everyone who has been opportune to use the services of Flywheel has attested to the first-class experience they had with Flywheel’s Human resources. There is a provision and easy access to real human help; the platform’s customer care is more than just coded robots giving out instructions. This is not attainable in other managed website hosting platforms. These human resources are called “WordPress experts.” They are always available to support users and clients all day, and all year round.
  • Easy Collaboration: Flywheel makes it easy for users to share sites with their partners. Each user is only required to add partners to the list, flywheel sends them a notification them and that’s it.
  • Blazing-Fast Site Speed: Flywheel hosting for websites is very fast. It can easily be navigated. The site speed works better than anything seen or provided on the other platforms. The sites don’t lag, they are backed up on Google cloud, and it doesn’t require configuration.
  • Free CDN + custom Caching: users can easily add a CDN to their site because it is free.
  • Free SSL Certificates: This will restrict third-party providers and ensure SSL is installed right from the dashboard.
  • Hacker-Free Security: Flywheel secures the sites of its users by restricting malware software from infringing on users’ platforms. Other hosting platforms claim to provide this service but Flywheel remains the best.
  • Easy SFTP Access: Users who patronize Flywheel do not need to make numerous logins to access their site. Just a click and the magic will be done.
  • Staging for Every site: This is made available for all hosting plans, both the trial, demo, and paid plans. This is accessible too, no worries.
  • Powerful Development tools: they have blueprints with themes and plug-in for its packages, these are some of the development tools employed by flywheel to achieve goals and customer satisfaction.

Other Things to Know About Flywheel Hosting for WordPress Website

As a user, it is only proper that I enlighten you on what to expect and not to expect from this unique hosting platform. To make sure you are properly informed and therefore aware of the choices you make. The purpose of this is not to intimidate you or to discredit other web hosting platforms. Notwithstanding, we’d also like you to know that there are a few plug-ins that Flywheel does not support on its servers. This is in regards to “security.” It doesn’t hinder a smooth operation of the platform.

Flywheel is meant strictly for WordPress website users. This means you cannot access this hosting plan anywhere else except on WordPress.

Everyone knows that value has costs, so it’s fair to note that flywheel is not an easily affordable host like other platforms but you can be rest assured that it remains the best.
Do not hesitate to opt for Flywheel Hosting plan for your WordPress website. The various hosting services offer free trials and a “money back” guarantee, but Flywheel gives “Free Demo sites.”  The difference is that Flywheel gives you a taste of the real experience, with them what you see is what you get. No cheating.
Alongside the Demo-site, Flywheel offers a 30 days free trial, just like every other hosting plan. It also offers these services at a very cheap rate.

Flywheel is trusted by over 35,000 agencies and creative brands. What other result does one need?
It hosts features that can serve multipurpose functions most easily. It simplifies the process for starters to build their sites from start to finish.
It is a solution to the major problem experienced by most web developers and designers.

Final Verdict

I strongly recommend Flywheel for your WordPress hosting site. It will give you all the best, with a user-friendly experience, more than any other hosting site.