Hi, I’m Vlad.

I’m a freelance web developer &
a certified WordPress expert @ Codeable.

It's around 9:31 am on a Tuesday and you're probably thinking who is this guy and why should I hire him?

I’m a professional freelance web developer & a certified WordPress expert @ Codeable.

I provide a comprehensive full-stack service for small to medium-sized businesses and private individuals across the globe. My experience as a full-stack WordPress developer gives me the ability to handle entire projects from idea to launch and beyond.

Despite being based in Seville, Spain, I work with clients all over the world. I also offer long-term support, hosting/domain advice, wordpress website audits, wordpress website migrations.

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What I can do for you

WordPress Websites

If you are looking for a WordPress website but don’t know where to start, you're in the right place. I can help you with the basics like choosing the right domain name, web hosting, installing WordPress and teaching you how to use it.

I love to work with people who are doing their own thing. The last thing I want is for my clients to feel locked into a service they don’t need.

We will work using a time tested process that’s focused on achieving your business goals and ensures you get the highest level of return on your investment.

WordPress Help

You are running a business. You have deadlines to meet, a website to maintain, and a budget to keep on track. It is hard to find the time and expertise you need to do everything that needs to be done.

WordPress is a fantastic platform for building websites, but keeping it running smoothly can be a chore. You don’t have time for complicated software or deep technical knowledge of code. Your time is better spent doing what you do best.

Let me take care of your WordPress needs for you so you can focus on your business. I’ll update plugins, fix broken code, monitor load times and much more.

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5* Reviews

Vlad did very good and could even advise me on some UX issues. His solution in the end was in every way mastefully skilled and wonderfully creative (to surpass my undecisiveness :-)). I am very happy.

Florian Bartsch

Vlad strikes again! He is by far one of the best, most communicative devs we’ve worked with. We’ve worked on a few projects together now and I know there will be more. We’re thrilled not only get a chance to work with Vlad, but to also be able to call him a friend. Until next time!

Andy Baker

Latest work

An Air Force Research Laboratory Innovation Institute

The Doolittle Institute, an AFRL Innovation Institute, supports the Air Force Research Labs Munitions Directorate by working to license and commercialize AFRL/RW technologies in the private sector, enable rapid technology delivery to the warfighter, identify and foster new R&D partnerships and develop AFRL’s current and future workforce.

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Dedicated in-home vet care based in London, UK.

We provide high quality in-home Veterinary services such us medical investigations, annual health checks, diagnostics tests, online consultations, vaccinations, parasite control, micro-chipping, pet passports, export certificates, rabies vaccinations, pet hospice, prescriptions for chronic patients, chemotherapy, etc.

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Interior Design Studio based in Seville, Spain.

Coziness & sophistication go hand in hand in every space, creating interiors where textures, light and a mix of quality materials give birth to the home that one envisions.

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Latest from the blog

WordPress 5.5

WordPress 5.5 has been released and it comes with some significant updates, features and improvements but also has affected negatively millions of websites by removing JavaScript globals witout being deprecated

WordPress maintenance

If you want to keep your WordPress website up to speed and secure then it’s imperative that you undertake regular WordPress maintenance. Maintaining your WordPress website is one of the most crucial tasks that you have to undertake.

Managed WordPress Hosting

WordPress websites have unique needs which is what separates them as a different option than Managed WordPress Hosting. They require WordPress expertise to efficiently support the unique security concerns and contain different server resource footprints.

Font sizes – PX, REM & EM

Pixels (px) are what we’ve all become accustomed to over the years. Everyone knows what a pixel is (although the size of a pixel isn’t always the same, but that’s for another day).

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