WordPress 5.5

September 4, 2020

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WordPress 5.5 has been released and it comes with some significant updates, features and improvements but also has affected negatively millions of websites by removing JavaScript globals witout being deprecated – https://make.wordpress.org/core/2020/09/01/deprecated-javascript-globals/ – luckily they have released WordPress 5.5.1 to the rescue :).

So, what does this latest release include?

Improved Block Editor

The new block-based editing feature came in with 5.0 and WordPress 5.5 also comes with significant improvements. With this comes block patterns and a new block directory. The block patterns are useful for routine aspects of your pages and posts. The patterns are read-made block that uses commonly used settings. They make it easier and faster to create a page layout.

The block directory is a useful feature that enhances the experience. The directory contains WordPress plugins that enable you to add new blocks to the editor.

Image Editing

This update allows you to edit images in the editor itself. This means that you can avoid opening the medial library. You can rotate, resize, crop and more in the editor. It saves time and you can see the changes instantly.

The way in which images are loaded will also change. Not all images are loaded on the page at the same time but when they come into viewing range. It saves loading time and will keep visitors happy as they won’t have to wait.

Content Preview Improvements

The content preview improvement enables you to preview content before publishing. This release comes with extra device previous which means that you can see how it will look on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. This allows you to make sure that you content can be accessed and is readable for those who visit your site.

Plugin Automated Updates

WordPress also comes with auto-updates for plugins and themes. It is something that will need to be enabled yourself but it will ensure that your website remains updated. However, as useful as it might seem, plugins should be tested before being installed to make sure that they work. Despite this, keeping them up-to-date will help to avoid security risks and it will mean that you can take advantage of the latest features as well as bug fixes.

Default XML Sitemaps

This release sees WordPress generate its own XML sitemaps. This means that it will provide search engines with the ability to access all content on your site. This enhances discover and indexing which is vital for SEO. Sitemaps are now an integral part of WordPress, it will mean that 33% of sites will have these enabled by default. WordPress is one of, if not, the most popular CMS in the world. With so many people using it, this latest version aims to provide an enhanced experience for all. As with all updates, it’s worth keeping an open mind for potential problems and understanding how this version will impact your website.

WordPress 5.5.1 to the rescue

In WordPress 5.5 the global JavaScript objects listed below were removed without being deprecated. WordPress 5.5.1 adds a backfill for these globals so they no longer cause JavaScript errors.

Summary: WordPress 5.5.1

Overall, these changes are going to make for a better experience when working in WordPress and that is something that is true for all users. From brand new features to subtle updates, WordPress is continuing to lead from the front with this latest release.